Diesel Direct and Freightliner Trucks together have developed what they say is the first-ever diesel electric hybrid fuel truck. The innovative Freightliner Business Class M2 106 Hybrid will be used to deliver fuel to fleets primarily in Massachusetts.

Boston-based Diesel Direct uses custom-designed delivery trucks to provide on-site diesel refueling services to national, regional and local fleets, tanks and equipment throughout the United States. One of the nation's largest mobile refuelers, Diesel Direct delivers fuel to Fortune 500 firms and private companies.

Diesel Direct's Freightliner Business Class M2 106 features the Eaton Hybrid Electric Drivetrain System, a parallel hybrid system that enables the truck to operate using the diesel engine alone, or in combination with the hybrid electric motor.

"One of our biggest expenses is just to fuel our own trucks," said Dan Abrams, founder and president of Diesel Direct.. "With the new Freightliner truck, we expect to save at least 25 to 30 percent in fuel consumption."

Diesel Direct also sought to create an alternative solution to not only save money on fuel, but to be a good neighbor.

"With our new electric hybrid truck, we can shut off the engine while pumping fuel, which not only significantly reduces fuel consumption, but greatly decreases noise," said Abrams. "We often pump fuel at night and in residential neighborhoods, so it's a real benefit."

The Freightliner Business Class M2 106 is the ideal platform for a variety of applications, especially in urban environments where maneuverability and visibility are top priorities.

"The team really loves this truck - it is a sweet piece of machinery," said Abrams.