Federal-Mogul, Southfield, Mich., has expanded its line of Abex commercial vehicle brake pads to include pads specifically designed for air brake systems.

With Federal-Mogul's patented cast iron backplate technology, the air-disc brake pads have a more secure bond between pad material and backplate and a reduced risk of corrosion. Each Abex pad is also designed with a molded friction V-groove that improves heat dissipation and eliminates excessive material stress.

"Federal-Mogul has developed this advanced line of air-disc brake pads to enable distributors and their customers to enhance braking efficiency and reduce operating costs across a much larger range of applications," said Peter Murnen, global director of undercar products at Federal-Mogul.

These air-disc brake pads are compatible with vehicles equipped with anti-lock braking and/or electronic stability systems, and come with installation hardware kits.

More info: www.federalmogul.com