Through PeopleNet's new BLU Workflow service, customers can get a customized solution for meeting their workflow needs
, PeopleNet says. The utility is designed to address any vertical trucking market.

Justin Davis Enterprises, a fuel hauler, has implemented the system to extend its custom back-end system and as a front-end to TMW's Fuel Dispatch software. The resulting In-cab Fuel Management system provides the driver with multi-stop pickup and delivery information for each load.

Running on PeopleNet's powerful BLU in-cab PC, drivers can look ahead to the details of subsequent stops, including graphical facility maps of delivery locations. At the point of delivery, drivers will enter gross and net gallons as well as retains and accessorial information before closing out the delivery. The system can provide custom edits for all of the data entered according to the needs of individual customers. The In-Cab Fuel Management system also has the option of printing receipts to mobile printers. The system is also fully integrated to PeopleNet's geofencing system, Pacos.

"While transportation firms have similar business processes, they typically have a special take on them," said Randy Boyles, vice president of tailored solutions. "BLU Workflow enables customers to provide their drivers with a directed process that guides the driver though each day's planned activities. Drivers drive the vehicle, secure in the knowledge that all trip information is at their fingertips and that BLU will lead them through their employer's defined process."

The automated, step-by-step workflow helps the driver stay focused on their primary responsibilities rather than the data entry process, PeopleNet says.

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