Tracer Products has developed an electronic refrigerant leak detector that uses an infrared sensor to discover refrigerant leaks down to 0.1 ounce per year.

The Tracerline TP-9364 PRO-Alert 2791 comes equipped with a three-position sensitivity switch, to help prevent false triggering and to provide for easier diagnosis.

The SAE J2791-certified detector is sensitive to R-12, R-134a and all other HFC refrigerants. With a sensor life of 1,000 hours or more, the infrared sensor is resistant to contamination by exposure to refrigerant. The unit includes a high-efficiency air sampling pump and a rubber-coated, flexible metal probe that fits into tight places. It also features an audible alarm and multiple LEDs to communicate when a leak is detected.

The unit is run by a rechargeable NiMH battery, which last more than six hours between charges. It also comes with a charging status indicator that alerts the user to low battery or infrared sensor failure.

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