SPX Service Solutions and Identifix announced a partnership where Identifix will leverage its Direct-Hit information service to develop a Web-based information resource featuring online and hotline diagnostic and repair information for Pegisys users.

OTC Direct-Hit Technician serves to extend the new Pegisys scan tools' diagnostic capabilities by offering technicians At The Fender access to Identifix's experience-based diagnostic information data that enables technicians to diagnose and repair vehicles more efficiently.

Direct-Hit delivers more than 100,000 Confirmed Fixes and adds approximately 6,000 new symptoms, associated short-cut tests and fixes to the database each month. The collaboration with SPX Service Solutions, Identifix widens the Pegisys ecosystem, enabling technicians to maximize the full potential of their diagnostic system capabilities. Pegisys also provides wireless connectivity to PCs and to the Internet, giving technicians more freedom to work productively right At The Fender.

Direct-Hit Technician will provide Pegisys users with access to most of the Identifix technical resources, including:
• Experience Based Diagnostic Information - Repair-Tracs, Hotline Archives, Posted Fixes, NHTSA Recalls, Factory TSB's, OBD-II Code Data, and Identifix Articles
• Repair Information - Wiring Diagram Groups, Component Locations, and Specifications.

More info: www.pegisysotc.com