Snap-on released its new PWZ3 Pliers Wrench, designed to work in hard-to get spots that require a powerful tool.

Features of the PWZ3 include:
• Specially hardened jaws
• Inwardly angled teeth (fine teeth at back of jaws, larger teeth at front) for a more secure grip on object
• Quick adjustment of grip width
• Built-in guard against unthreading
• The inner handle has built-in protection against pinching.
• The wrench can easily be locked into the desired position with the adjusting screw.
• The jaw grip increases when pressure is put on the handle.
• Narrow jaws gives perfect accessibility, also in cramped corners.

"The Snap-on PWZ3 Pliers Wrench also has many heavy-duty truck applications as well as industrial applications, such as oils rigs," said Scott Amundson, product manager for Snap-on.

Snap-on Tools Company LLC is a manufacturer and marketer of tools, diagnostics and equipment solutions for professional users.

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