Nexiq Technologies, a brand of Snap-on Equipment Solutions, Rochester Hills, Mich., released the Navpak application developed for Navistar electronic-controlled engines.
Navpak replaces the current Navistar MD32 Master Diagnostics Fleet software.

Navpak is a PC-based application that supports diagnostic analysis and reprogramming capability for all International engines with electronic-control systems manufactured from 1994 through 2006. MaxxForce series engines are not included with this application.

The Navpak software supports Nexiq Technologies USB-Link as well as the Navistar Navcom or other suitable RP1210A&B-compliant, vehicle-communication devices. Among its capabilities, the software reads and displays trouble codes, controller-ID information, and programmable parameters. It also records and plays back snapshots, changes engine parameters, and displays all J1708 sources active on the data link.

Navpak has the ability to save data lists, diagnostic codes, and programmable parameters to a .csv file. This feature gives the technician the ability to export data to other applications such as Microsoft Excel for further analysis.

The software includes an electronic toolbox with features and information that enables technicians to diagnose and solve problems more quickly and with greater accuracy.

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