Superchips, Sanford, FL, began taking orders July 21st for the new Mileage XS programmer with the first units expected to ship the first week of August.
Product line coverage will include many late-model gasoline and diesel engines for GM, Ford, and Dodge pickup trucks and full-size sport utility vehicles. Specific release dates for each application will vary depending on Superchips' R&D and certification schedule. Superchips intends to release vehicle coverage roughly every two weeks until its SUV and pickup truck portfolio is completed.

"We listened to the requests from our customers regarding the cost of operating a late-model truck or SUV in this precarious fuel cost environment. We are bringing the Mileage XS to market equipped with enhanced fuel economy calibrations to reduce those concerns," states Tom Bennett, Superchips division president. "The biggest difference between the Mileage XS and other 'fuel economy' aftermarket products is we engineer these powertrain calibrations specifically for improved economy and scientifically verify the results. Superchips Mileage XS is not a rebadged product nor a campaign based on vague claims or testimonials."

Early field tests indicate that customers can expect up to 15% MPG gain depending on the vehicle and engine. (Actual customer gains vary depending on driving conditions including driving style, vehicle condition, and other environmental factors.) Current Superchips customers will be able to purchase the new, unique economy calibrations directly from Superchips. Calibrations will also be available to run lower Octane gas for vehicles requiring premium, 91 Octane.

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