TMW Systems has introduced a portfolio of 11 mobile apps for professionals at every level of a transportation business – from operations to drivers and vehicle maintenance personnel – to complete a wide range of business-critical activities from their Android- or iOS-based devices.

The company’s extensive new set of mobility tools supports users of the TMW.Suite, TruckMate and Innovative IES transportation management solutions, as well as TMT Fleet Maintenance software. Each app is available via the Apple App Store and Google Play marketplace.

“The transportation and logistics industry is undergoing a digital transformation that is being driven by mobile technology,” said Ray West, senior vice president and general manager, TMS solutions, TMW. “Each of our new mobile apps is designed to enhance business efficiency and competitiveness by providing the information and functionality users need to make the right decisions at the right time.”

Among the new tools are the following mobile apps for operations personnel, freight brokers, logistics managers and other professionals who want to access core TMS application data and complete a wide range of activities:

  • TMW Go Dispatch, for users of the TMW.Suite TMS. Key functionality includes adding/viewing check calls, updating stops, assigning resources, running reports, splitting trips, and more.
  • TruckMate Dash Dispatch, for TruckMate TMS users. The app enables users to monitor status changes, manage exceptions, approve advance requests, track resources, visualize and map trips, and more.
  • IES InMotion Dispatch, for the Innovative IES, IES Access and Access Plus TMS platforms. Capabilities include reviewing and accepting/rejecting EDI shipments, entering call checks, reviewing driver information, issuing advances to drivers, tracking and tracing customer orders, and more.

TMW also offers these new mobile apps providing drivers with access to key information and related capabilities:

  • TMW Go Driver enables vehicle operators to review trip, pay and appointment data using their Android or iOS device.
  • TruckMate Dash Driver offers access to daily trip schedule and detail, pay information, mapping and important notifications. Drivers also can use the app to request fuel advances.
  • IES InMotion Driver allows users to review trip details, read messages, monitor hours of service, view paycheck information, upload photos of receipts and view their current route on a map.

Also available is the new TMW Vehicle Inspection app, which enables drivers to perform pre- and post-trip inspections, review prior inspection reports and confirm that appropriate repairs have been completed. The app also connects with TMT Fleet Maintenance software to streamline the creation of accurate repair orders and help reduce vehicle downtime.

TMW earlier this year introduced the TMW Parts Room app, which enables fleet maintenance and service center personnel to perform a variety of parts inventory management processes. The company also offers the TMT Mobile Mechanic Workstation, an app that can be used by service technicians and mechanics, whether or not they are connected to the internet, to track labor and parts usage, open and close repair orders, and recall repair service history when working on equipment.

The TruckMate TMS platform can be used to automate cross-dock operations and eliminate misdirected freight with the TMW TruckMate ConnectedDock mobile app. ConnectedDock streamlines unloading and receiving processes; data collection and documentation based on dimensions, weight, pieces and pallet; and loading for through trips and partial unloads.

TMW says its commitment to mobile applications extends beyond its product offerings. TMW also offers a library of user training videos via mobile devices. The free new Learn.TMW app helps industry professionals quickly search for and access any of the more than 300 videos and other training resources available through the Learn.TMW web portal.