David J. Osiecki Photo via Scopelitis

David J. Osiecki Photo via Scopelitis

David J. Osiecki, former executive vice president and chief of national advocacy for the American Trucking Associations, has been appointed to head the new transportation consulting firm Scopelitis Transportation Consulting.

The consulting company was created by Scopelitis, Garvin, Light, Hanson & Feary, PC, a full-service national transportation law firm based in Indianapolis. As a wholly owned subsidiary, STC will focus on providing advisory services and implementation programs to companies in the transportation industry.

Osiecki will lead STC and focus on its initial service offerings, such as electronic logging device training and implementation support, independent contractor training and advice for carriers using or considering an IC business model, regulatory training on new rules prohibiting driver coercion, and tax savings plans involving equipment sales and purchases.  STC will also offer survey reports and white papers to provide clients with greater access to information impacting daily operations.

"Bringing Dave aboard seemed a natural progression for him in a respected career and is consistent with the Scopelitis Law Firm’s mission to offer a wide-ranging menu of services across all transportation segments,” said Greg Feary, president and managing partner of Scopelitis Law Firm. “STC should open doors to allow more access to an even broader base of industry participants beyond legal solutions to transportation-business problems. STC will take over where legal advice leaves off to provide implementation of solutions.”

Osiecki served 20 years at ATA and also spent 10 years with the Federal Highway Administration's Office of Motor Carriers, the predecessor to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. He hiolds a B.S. degree from Pennsylvania State University and an M.S. degree from George Mason University.