Fleet and safety management software company Gorilla Safety has developed Gorilla Trax, a GPS asset and vehicle tracking technology.

The tracking technology works by attaching a Gorilla Trax device to the vehicle or asset that communicates with its mobile app when a driver is in proximity. This system gives the specific locations of the vehicle or asset and whether or not the driver is working when and where indicated.

The technology can improve location accuracy of a fleet but also improves accident response times for first responses, according to Gorilla Safety. When Gorilla Trax is used, it accurately identifies the type of equipment involved, the cargo being hauled and potential severity.

The technology allows fleet owners to know where trucks are located for more accurate ETAs, client billing, better customer service and overall efficiency.

Along with GPS enhancements, Gorilla Safety is rolling out updates across its mobile app platform and web-based offerings. These include International Fuel Tax Agreement reporting, vehicle tracking inspections processes, automation for company policies and procedures, and the ability to issue alerts related to procedural violations.

“With Gorilla Safety’s advanced technology, fleets can now take advantage of cutting edge technologies specifically designed for the safe operation on the roadways,” said Tommy Johnson, Gorilla Safety co-founder. “Gorilla Trax significantly improves the GPS tracking of vehicles while still relying on the simplicity and dependability of a user’s smartphone or tablet.”

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