Photo: CAT Scale

Photo: CAT Scale

CAT Scale is now accepting ACH (Automated Clearing House) payments through its Weigh My Truck app.

The ACH Payment Option would allow a bank account to be tied to the app for payment, with the funds being drafted from the account on a daily basis.

“Our goal is to open usage up to as many drivers as possible,” said Delia Meier, senior vice president of CAT Scale. “Offering the ACH payment option allows fleets and owner-operators who are not affiliated with our other payment methods the ability to utilize the app.”  

The Weigh My Truck app allows drivers to weigh their truck and pay for the transaction from a smartphone. Drivers can weigh and then get the weights displayed on the smartphone without leaving the cab.

The app will also email a PDF copy scale ticket or weight information text file to up to five email addresses the driver specifies. If a driver needs a hard copy scale ticket, he or she can still pick up a printed CAT Scale ticket at the fuel desk within an hour after weighing using the Weigh My Truck app. Fleets have additional options available for driver enrollment and data receipt.

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