Safety system provider IMMI demonstrated its RollTek side roll airbag protection system in a live demonstration on a World War II-era airstrip.

The test involved a full-sized tractor trailer that was controlled remotely with a crash test dummy in the cab. The rollover was conducted by the Center for Advanced Product Evaluation (CAPE) to demonstrate how RollTek protects truck drivers in a deadly situation. Rollovers account for more than half of all truck driver fatalities, according to IMMI.

“It was a huge undertaking to overturn a tractor-trailer by remote control, but we knew it would be worth it to highlight this next level in safety and CAPE is one of the only teams in the world with the ability to conduct this type of crash demonstration,” said Larry Gray, IMMI CEO.

Several industry leaders and drivers were on hand at the Converse, Ind., airstrip for the demonstration, which IMMI called a success.

RollTek combines seat belt technology and airbag protection that deploys to protect the driver and/or passenger in a rollover.

When the RollTek sensor detects an imminent rollover, the seat belt pretensioner tightens, holding the driver in their seat. In the same instant, the seat is pulled down to its lowest level to increase the survivable space in the cab. Lastly, an airbag is deployed to cushion the impact on the head and neck.

“RollTek, gives drivers a better chance of walking away when their truck overturns and we want the world to know about it,” said Tom Anthony, president of IMMI. “It’s the only side roll protection system available for heavy vehicles and we’re excited to demonstrate what a difference RollTek can make.”

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