Aluminum wheel for Ford Transit vans. Image: Alcoa.

Aluminum wheel for Ford Transit vans. Image: Alcoa.

Alcoa announced new additions to its M-Series aluminum wheel lineup for medium-duty Sprinter and Ford Transit vans and for GM 3500/4500 chassis at the NTEA Work Truck Show. Each wheel model will be available for order in North America on March 15, 2016.

The company said each M-Series wheel provides the same benefits that Alcoa’s forged aluminum wheels provide to heavy-duty customers, but are customized to fit medium-duty Class 2-6 applications. 

The new 16.5” x 6” wheel designed specifically for the Sprinter 2500 weighs just 21 pounds but it “provides the same performance benefits of every Alcoa forged aluminum wheel, including weight savings, fuel economy, freight efficiency and ease of maintenance.” 

Alcoa’s first lightweight solutions for the Ford Transit are now available for the full size vans. Two new Ford Transit wheels— the Transit 16.5” x 6.5” single and 16.5” x 6” dual wheel configurations-- are now each available. The single configuration wheel weighs 21 pounds while the dual configuration wheel comes in at 18 lbs. 

The company said each Ford Transit wheel is “the lightest in its class and offers the same weight savings, ease-of-upkeep, reduced maintenance and increased fuel economy benefits as every Alcoa forged aluminum wheel.” 

Alco also rolled out a new 16.5” x 6” forged aluminum wheel for the dual chassis used on GM 3500/4500 vehicles. The wheel weighs just 19 lbs. and “provides all of the same benefits of light weight, strength, durability and ease of maintenance as all Alcoa aluminum wheels.”