via HubTran

via HubTran

Aljex Software has partnered with HubTran to offer back office document management for its transportation management software.

HubTran offers back-office automation and document administration for transportation companies. HubTran can recognize, sort and organize transportation documents that include bills of lading, proof of delivery and other supporting documents.

From the documents, HubTran can identify and extract information like bill numbers, carrier names and other types of information. HubTran uses algorithms and optical character recognition to discern the information and understand the type of document it is dealing with.

The HubTran data flows into the Aljex system and copies remain available to clients and authorized business partners through HubTran. HubTran has a per-transaction pricing model and there are no licensing or other fees, according to Aljex.

“HubTran has created an inventive technology that greatly simplifies the job of handling the many forms generated with every load and every shipment, day after day,” said Tom Heine, Aljex CEO.