Photo of Model 567 courtesy of Peterbilt.

Photo of Model 567 courtesy of Peterbilt.

Peterbilt is now offering Maxwell’s ultracapacitor-powered Engine Start Module on new Model 579 and 567 trucks as a factory-installed option.

The ultracapacitor is dedicated to start the vehicle and replaces one traditional battery. which can reduce weight by up to 60 pounds. Because it is dedicated to a single task, power is always available to start the vehicle.

It is designed for reliable starts even for operations with multiple starts and stops per day or that use a lift gate or other auxiliary battery-powered equipment while the truck is off. The ultracapacitor is not affected by lights, HVAC television and other in-cab or sleeper-powered devices, which can drain power during extended use.

"Superior uptime and reliability are two advantages our customers expect from Peterbilt, and this new technology is one way to help bring those to even greater levels," said Anthony Gansle, Peterbilt marketing manager of on-highway products. "Our aerodynamic Model 579 and vocational Model 567 equipped with the Maxwell ESM will provide customers with greater confidence that their vehicles will be ready to move when they need to move."

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