The Ingersoll Lube System and the Kimax 2 Ingersoll Load Monitoring system.  Photo: Ingersoll Axles

The Ingersoll Lube System and the Kimax 2 Ingersoll Load Monitoring system. Photo: Ingersoll Axles


Ingersoll Axles has two new offerings, the Load Monitoring system by Kimax and the Ingersoll Lube System.

The new products were introduced at the Mid-America Trucking Show and are being shown to the Canadian market this week at the ExpoCam truck show in Montreal.

The Ingersoll Load Monitoring system Kimax 1 and 2 is for weighing most types of trucks and trailers.

The IMS Kimax 1 is the axle load measuring unit for single axle loads or axle groups on vehicles, trailers and semitrailers equipped with pneumatic or mechanical suspension systems. The Kimax 1 can be used on trucks and semitrailers for indicating the actual axle load on the rear axle and axle group, according to the company.

The Kimax 2 is suitable for monitoring the individual axle load, payload and total gross weight of a truck. The Kimax 2 can be used for single trucks, single trailers, and truck and trailer combinations. There are also optional accessories for the Kimax 2 including a wireless remote and printer.

The Ingersoll Lube System is a 60-point lube system for trucks, buses and trailers designed to increase lifespan and lower maintenance costs and downtime.

The system can be used for 12- or 24-volt applications and is made for oil and heavy grease up to NLGI2. Each grease point is supplied directly from the pumping unit through and individual feed line. With this design, if a line breaks, only that point is affected and not the entire system.