LAS VEGAS -- Meritor announced at Heavy Duty Aftermarket Week that it's expanding its air disc brake product line, expanding its Euclid-branded suspension product line, and will launch a network of Meritor-approved repair shops with independent service garages across the United States and Canada.

Air disc brakes

The air disc brake expansion, to support rising market demand, includes more than 150 part numbers for genuine Meritor ADB systems, such as the ADB1560, DX and EX+ models and more than 130 Meritor AllFit part numbers covering brakes made by other manufacturers.

"As more vehicles are equipped with air disc brakes, the need for replacement products continues to grow," said Aaron Bickford, director, Brake and Wheel End for Meritor.

Meritor's EX+ aftermarket offering now includes more than 50 EX+ assemblies, such as calipers, kits and various wear items.

The new selection of AllFit product includes brake pads, calipers, rotors, brake chambers and service kits covering the most widely used North American air disc brake models.

Euclid suspensions

Meritor has added 200 new parts to its Euclid-branded suspension product line, adding to its portfolio of more than 2,000 in-stock parts.

Euclid's suspension portfolio covers a wide range of product requirements, such as equalizers, shock absorbers, bushings, hanger brackets and height control.

If Meritor doesn't have a part they need, it will help them determine exactly what they require and source it for them as part of the Meritor Special Order Service (SOS) program.

Service Point program

Independent service garages approved for the Meritor Service Point program will carry Meritor signage and promote all of the company's brands, including the Meritor AllFit and Green series, Euclid and Meritor Wabco. The garages will benefit from product training, greater Meritor brand awareness, enhanced online aftermarket parts search and identification and rewards programs.

"Fleets taking their vehicles to a garage approved for the Meritor Service Point program will benefit from Meritor parts that are engineered for quality and installed by technicians trained with Meritor's deep product knowledge," said Terry Livingston, general manager, Category Management, Aftermarket.

To qualify for the Meritor Service Point program, garages must have current tools and equipment for Meritor-approved services, and technicians must train with Meritor either online or in live training sessions to deepen their product knowledge. ISGs must agree to buy Meritor components from approved distribution partners, meet certain Meritor parts sales targets and participate in the company's future nationally advertised promotions. Approved garages will determine when to purchase Meritor products based on their needs.