LAS VEGAS -- Meritor introduced a comprehensive aftermarket drivetrain program, called Drivetrain Direct, designed to meet the parts needs of component rebuilders across the U.S. and Canada.

The program, and necessary support processes, will be available mid-February and provide customers with a host of resources, including drivetrain component experts through the Customer Care Center and all-makes drive axle and transmission component catalogs.

"A truck operator waiting on a key drivetrain components replacement simply cannot wait one more hour for parts to be shipped to the rebuilder its a today business where every minute counts," said Brad Begley, senior manager, Drivetrain, Meritor Aftermarket.

"We have for probably the last 15 or 18 years talked to you about all makes products. The vast majority has been on the undercarrieage side of our business brakes, camshafts, brake shoes, etc.," Begley explained. "So as we looked at where our next big opportunity was on the all makes side of our business, drivetrain was a logical choice.

"If you look at axle, driveline, those are our core businesses. We have been an axle and driveline supplier for decades."

"For many years, we have not offered some of these drivetrain compoentns to the independent channel," said Terry Livingston, general manager, global product managmenet and shared services, aftermarket and trailer. "This is a major step forward for us in how we go to market."

The program which encompasses clutches, drivelines, starters, alternators, transmissions (manual and automatic) and drive axles supplies all parts brands, components, and new or remanufactured units. Those brands and families include, but are not exclusive tom Meritor, Euclid, Mascot, and the newest additions to the new product series: Meritor AllFit and Meritor Green.

"The result is an all encompassing program with over 1,400 new part numbers," Begley said. "You have to go back probably 8 to 10 years to find when we launched our all-makes air systems program" to find a similar scope of parts numbers being launched, he said.