Texas could be the first U.S. road to post an 85-mph speed limit,
Reuters reports.

Texas State Highway 130, currently under construction, will run between San Antonio and Austin to lighten traffic on Interstate 35, which was named the state's fourth most congested road last year by the Texas Department of Transportation.

Most of Highway 130 is complete, with 80-mph speed limits, and the remainder of the highway will be finished before the end of this year.

"We'll definitely take a look at that stretch, and we will conduct speed studies to see what that speed limit will be," Darren McDaniel, the TxDOT's speed management director, said at a conference.

Texas passed a law last year allowing speed limits of up to 85 mph on newly constructed highways deemed safe enough for such high speeds. Currently, Texas and Utah are the only states with speed limits of 80 mph.

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