Ancra International has been named worldwide master distributor for Goldline and Silverline brand Tarp Straps.
The agreement supersedes an arrangement with a previous distributor with responsibilities limited to North America.

Goldline and Silverline Tarp Straps are manufactured by Universal Polymer & Rubber Ltd. (UP&R). The company, located in Middlefield, Ohio, has been making tarp straps since 1971 and manufactures molded and extruded rubber and plastic parts for a variety of uses. UP&R is also a tier-one and tier-two supplier to the automotive industry.

"We've worked hard to develop the highest quality tarp straps in the industry and we've got innovative products on the horizon," Joe Colebank, president and CEO of UP&R, said. "We're proud to entrust our new teammates at Ancra with the responsibility of global distribution and marketing and we're looking forward to seeing them take our products to the next level."

The Goldline Tarp Strap is made in America and is composed of ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM) rubber, a substance that provides exceptional strength, durability and resistance to common environmental factors such as ultraviolet (UV) radiation and ozone. The top-selling strap is favored by drivers in moderate and warm climates because of its resilience and its ability to maintain its elastomeric properties, even in high temperatures. EPDM-based tarp straps last five to 20 times longer than natural rubber tarp straps, according to the company.

The Silverline Tarp Strap is made of the highest quality natural rubber and is particularly popular in Canada and northern latitudes because the straps remain exceptionally flexible, even in frigid conditions. UP&R has developed a new, enhanced Silverline Tarp Strap with UV inhibitors, and this new version will be part of Ancra's new offering.

Ancra will formally assumes its official role as sole master distributor of Goldine Brand Tarp Straps on May 1 and for Silverline with enhanced UV inhibitor on July 1.

Ancra has established a transition hotline at (800) 929-2627, ext. 203.