Software development company GPSNet Technologies has changed its name to Sylectus to facilitate sales and marketing of the company's Alliance software products.
In conjunction, the company unveiled its new web site, Alliance is GPSNet's suite of web-based transportation management software.

"The Alliance suite of products have been a significant contributor to our continued growth and success since we subscribed to their web-based software six years ago," said Ben Bauman, CEO and president of Bolt Express in Ohio.

About nine years ago, President Stuart Sutton and Partner Ed De Leon introduced Alliance. The software offers the ability to broker loads between carriers and have the load information flow securely, seamlessly and efficiently between the two-partner carriers, completely online and in real time.

"It took some confidence building to gain the level of trust between members that we knew would be crucial to succeed in the competitive North American freight environment," said De Leon. "Companies with a history of success prospered in the network, becoming the foundation of our membership and the model for growth. Today, we are a strong, trust-based, integrated group of companies synchronized nationwide via Sylectus technology."

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