Qualcomm's Untethered Asset Management Service has received Defense Transportation Tracking System II (DTTS) certification by the U.S. Military Surface Deployment & Distribution Command (SDDC)
. The certification of its trailer tracking service means that customers are now qualified to carry U.S. Department of Defense sensitive and other DTTS-monitored shipments.

The certification was awarded after a series of tests conducted by SDDC and applies to Qualcomm's Untethered Asset Management System with integrated sensor capabilities for enhanced security.

Under a Department of Defense mandate, satellite tracking service providers such as Qualcomm should provide greater in-transit visibility for commercial carriers transporting ammunition, arms and explosives and other sensitive materials shipments. The DoD mandate further states that these carriers must provide trailer tracking technology while under a DTTS-monitored van trailer load, and be prepared to do so by Feb. 15, 2010.

"Qualcomm has been a key technology partner supporting DTTS since the late 1980s," said Norm Ellis, vice president of transportation and logistics sales and service for Qualcomm Enterprise Services. "Our approach to supporting DTTS' trailer tracking requirements and DTTS commercial carriers is unique in that the tractor and trailer solutions are viewed holistically as an integrated solution, which is a significant benefit to our customers. With this latest technology enhancement, DTTS remains a showcase for the safe and secure transportation of hazardous and other sensitive materials."

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