Tico Electric Yard Tractor.

Tico's Pro-Spotter terminal tractor is BABA Compliant (Build America, Buy America Compliant), qualifying for the major grant funding programs such as the Clean Ports Program.

Photo: Jim Park

The next-generation Pro-Spotter electric terminal tractor from Tico (Terminal Investment Corporation) Manufacturing offers a range of onboard energy levels and wheelbase configurations, and five different e-axle options tailored for port or distribution operations.

Tico launched the truck at ACT Expo in Las Vegas.

The truck is built on a scalable, modular platform in 116- and 128-inch wheelbases with battery capacity of 104, 208 and 312 kWh.

"It was designed to be modular from the start, so if a customer changed their application or the size of the truck, we can simply send them an extra set of batteries and a junction box," said Chad Burchett, Tico's EV program manager.

"They can plug and play, flash the software, and the truck is capable of twice the operational time."

Tico Electric Terminal Tractor Offers up to 15 Hours of Run Time

Burchett said the 312-kWh hour battery offers 15 hours of runtime pulling double-stack containers on bomb carts.

"That's just the beginning of life. That guarantees by the end of life when you reach 70% state of health, you still have over 10 hours of operational capacity," he added.

Tico Pro Spotter Yard Tractor battery.

The Pro-Spotter terminal tractor offers scalable battery capacity options, including 104, 208 and 312 kWh. Batteries are plug and play and are easily upgraded.

Photo: Jim Park

Customers also have five different e-axle combinations, including standard 82,000-lb GCW for distribution or other light-duty operations to 160,000-lb GCW for port and drayage applications.

“It was clear that the market demanded more flexibility in electric terminal tractors," said Mallery Pindar, Tico’s senior director of sales and marketing.

"End users should not have to change their entire operations to meet sustainability initiatives and requirements. We set out to tailor our next-generation terminal tractor to meet each set of customer requirements and have succeeded in establishing an all-new benchmark for the industry.”

Key Features of Tico's Pro-Spotter Electric Terminal Tractor:

  • Scalable range of onboard energy levels, with top end of 312 kWh
  • Top end unit GCWR of 160,000 lbs. plus 61,000 ft-lbs. of wheel end torque tailored to the port operator
  • 175 kWh max fast charge or inductive charging adaptable
  • Customizable charge port locations
  • Smart low-voltage battery has auto shut off feature to ensure adequate voltage to engage the high-voltage batteries
  • BABA Compliance (Build America, Buy America Compliant), qualifying for the nation’s major grant funding programs such as the Clean Ports Program.
Tico yard tractor rear e-axle.

Tico's e-axle delivers 61,000 foot pounds of torque through hub-reduction wheel-ends and a double-reduction axle with a GCWR of 160,000 pounds.

Photo: Jim Park

Tico announced production of its first-generation electric terminal tractor in 2023 with its partnership with Volvo Penta, leveraging the Volvo electric technology into its terminal tractor design. Recognizing the additional requirements that many terminal tractor users have, Tico’s new Pro-Spotter Electric incorporates additional battery and driveline options from a diverse set of suppliers.

Full production will start in 2025, the company said.

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