The EpicVue+ in-cab infotainment system offers binge-watching for entertainment apps,...

The EpicVue+ in-cab infotainment system offers binge-watching for entertainment apps, automatic channel recording and a customizable fleet-engagement channel that allows fleets to provide content directly to drivers. 

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At the Truckload Carriers Association Annual Convention, EpicVue announced its new EpicVue+ in-cab entertainment, education and engagement platform.

According to EpicVue CEO Lance Platt, the enhanced infotainment system offers more functionality, greater variety, and fleet and safety content, while needing no new equipment and at half the price of the previous EpicVue in-cab satellite entertainment system.

“With EpicVue+ our popular EpicVue experience has evolved, eliminating expensive hardware, lengthy contracts and includes far more than just TV,” Platt said. “Our revolutionary new platform, designed specifically for truck fleets, is unlike any other available to the industry because it lets drivers enjoy the comforts of home entertainment while also keeping them connected with their carrier. For trucking businesses, EpicVue+ is an easy-to-install, low-cost solution that promotes job satisfaction and stronger employee connections while enhancing their ability to attract and retain drivers through entertainment, education, and engagement.”

In an interview with HDT, Platt said that with EpicVue+, drivers will now have access to live TV, including premium networks like NFL Plus and Showtime.

“Before, getting live television in a truck cab involved putting satellite dishes and other equipment on trucks, and we had to amortize those costs with a long five-year contract," he said. "And it was tough for some fleets to commit to those requirements. But now, there is no need for any equipment or a contract. And we’re able to do that at half the price of the previous system, while offering many more expanded services.”

Platt said drivers now have access to robust, on-demand, entertainment app content, which allows binge-watching. And the system now automatically records all 100 channels on the system, so drivers can play back big news stories or events like the Super Bowl at their leisure.

“And what is really much more important is that now, we can offer fleets the ability to communicate directly with their drivers through the all-new communications portal to create content and training programming that will help drivers feel more connected and be safer on the job.”

Combining live and on-demand premium content with the added capabilities of communications and training, Platt said EpicVue+ core components include:

  • Entertainment: EpicVue+ allows drivers to watch TV in their trucks on their own time with more than 100 channels of live programming from DIRECTV’s Advanced Entertainment Platform with premium content from networks such as Showtime and Music Choice, plus a full library of on-demand content. Drivers still have the ability to access recorded content so they won’t miss their favorite shows.  
  • Education: EpicVue+ provides a portal dedicated to training and education to help implement best practices and reinforce compliance. Fleet operators can manage content distribution or enable access to online driver training from partners such as CarriersEdge.
  • Engagement: EpicVue+ includes a custom home screen branded for each carrier along with a dedicated fleet channel to distribute company announcements and fleet news, promote incentives to reward drivers for performance, and acknowledge standout employees.

EpicVue+ does not require complex installation of expensive equipment.  It can be implemented with easy self-install or professional installation options for in-cab equipment designed and tested to sustain the impact of life on the road. EpicVue also handles any technical issues that may arise. The system and service are available without a term commitment, and for a monthly rate of $29 per truck.

Platt said EpicVue is taking pre-orders now with installations set to being on a first-come, first-serve, basis beginning in May of this year.

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