Michelin Chief Operating Officer Andy Beasley outlines features of the new Michelin Connected...

Michelin Chief Operating Officer Andy Beasley outlines features of the new Michelin Connected Fleet telematics platform at the TMC Annual Meeting on Feb. 26.

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Michelin is bringing a portfolio of advanced, data-driven fleet-management solutions to the commercial trucking industry with the launch of its Michelin Connected Fleet brand in North America.

The brand brings together many of the fleet management services and solutions of the Michelin Group under one banner. Globally, Michelin Connected Fleet receives and processes data from over 600,000 connected vehicles for their 70,000 customers spanning 48 countries. Now, in North America, Michelin Connected Fleet offers solutions for:

  • truck management,
  • trailer management,
  • electronic logging devices,
  • International Fuel Tax Agreement compliance; and,
  • driver safety.

By working with customers on a consultative level, Michelin Connected Fleet takes a step beyond simply delivering operations data to fleet managers. It offers a suite of solutions that combines connected-vehicle technology with performance analysis and services, while producing actionable insights to help customers run more sustainable, safer and profitable fleets, company officials said in a press release.

“We often talk to fleets, and they tell us they have too much data. What they need, they say, is [to know] what to do with that data,” said Michelin Chief Operating Officer Andy Beasley during a press conference at the TMC Annual Meeting on Feb. 26. “Our new Connected Fleet solution works with many different telematics providers to provide a one-source platform that provides actionable insights to them.”

Beasley said Michelin Connected is easy to use and customer-centric.

“We deliver fleets what we call ‘Smart Reports’ that provide deep analysis and insights on any operational aspect they need data on," Beasley said. "And we train every level at the fleet on how to use the system. It allows the fleet to decide what data is important and then use it to drive actionable change.”

Michelin entered the North American fleet management market with the acquisition of Atlanta-based fleet management pioneer NexTraq in 2017. With its presence in Europe and Latin America, Michelin Connected Fleet, powered by NexTraq, benefits from a global perspective on fleets’ needs for reducing costs, improving productivity, ensuring driver safety, and managing more sustainable fleets.

Michelin Connected Fleet’s first efforts in North America will focus on the transportation and logistics market, expanding to both light and medium-duty commercial vehicles in the coming months.

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