Craig Smith, P.S.I. marketing manager, said the company’s new ThermAlert app can help fleets...

Craig Smith, P.S.I. marketing manager, said the company’s new ThermAlert app can help fleets identify the root cause of wheel issues and how to resolve them. 

Photo: Jack Roberts

Pressure Systems International (P.S.I.) introduced its Digital ThermALERT sensor that provides real-time wheel-end temperature visibility through a telematics communication portal. The company said its original patented standard ThermALERT alerts users to elevated wheel-end temperatures that could cause damage, wheel loss, or fire and excess roadside calls if not addressed early. That sensor has been standard on the P.S.I ATIS product since 2017. 

Digital ThermALERT, P.S.I. said at a Feb. 26 press briefing at the annual meeting of the American Trucking Associations’ Technology & Maintenance Council in Orlando,provides all the benefits of traditional ThermALERT plus full visibility of wheel-end temperatures thru P.S.I.’s TireView LIVE portal or through one of their telematics integration partners such as Road Ready from Clarience Technologies.”

The company said that real-time reporting from Digital ThermALERT aids in identifying the normal wheel-end operating temperature of a user’s equipment and the ability to analyze wheel-end history.  It can also help identify equipment or maintenance issues such as a dragging brake or bearing issue, which then can be scheduled for service before damage can occur.  The alert activation level can be customized by the user depending on equipment and personal preference. 

Digital ThermALERT is optimally located to read the temperature inside the spindle end at the wheel bearings and minimizes the effects of external thermal influences.  The sensor has a replaceable battery with a conductor wire that is fed through the axle end and attached to a modified PSI spindle plug.  

“ThermALERT can also help fleets determine the root cause of a failure, which is key,” said Craig Smith, P.S.I. marketing manager. “We had one customer, for example, who had a batch of trailers with wheels that were way overheating — well over normal operating conditions. By using ThermALERT, they were able to trace the trailers back to a specific repair facility and a technician who was just not adjusting the brakes correctly. They were able to get that technician the training he needed and fixed the problem.”

Also introduced at the P.S.I. press conference:

  • ATIS/MTIS Driver Video:  Driver video explains system operation and what to do when the system indicator light illuminates.  It’s viewable on mobile devices via QR code or desktop.  A new decal with a QR code can be ordered from P.S.I. for retrofit placement on existing assets.  New orders will receive an updated system decal with the QR code.
  • TireView LIVE Mobile App: Due to launch April 1, will be available for Apple/Android devices, putting “all the features and benefits of the TireView LIVE portal in the palm of the hand:
    1. Drill down by vehicle type, terminal or region
    2. Data analytics platform for thorough tire analysis
    3. Aid pre-trip tire inspections and post-trip analysis 
    4. Sort and share data to make best decisions about PM and in-transit repairs
    5. Convenient over-the-air (OTA) updates and sensor pairing by capturing sensor QR codes using mobile device camera