TNTruck utilizes electronic signatures, making the enrollment process for TrueNorth's...

TNTruck utilizes electronic signatures, making the enrollment process for TrueNorth's Independent Advantage program paperless.

Rendering: TrueNorth

Independent contractors driving for a motor carrier can now use TrueNorth’s TNTruck application to enroll or manage coverage for TrueNorth’s Independent Advantage program.

TNTruck utilizes electronic signatures, making the enrollment process paperless. The platform, accessed through a native app, web or mobile browser, leads to a simplified renewal process, as independent contractors can print certificates directly from the app, company officials said in a press release.

This paperless onboarding feature adds to the platform’s existing capabilities for motor carriers to integrate and synchronize data in real time between the firm, contractors, the insurance company and TrueNorth.

“This latest update to TNTruck is a gamechanger for motor carriers as their efforts around onboarding and driver retention continue to evolve,” said Trent Tillman, TrueNorth’s President.

The TNTruck app launched in 2019 as a way for independent contractors — not driving for a motor carrier — to get fast and easy quotes for trucking insurance, manage drivers and units and access certificates and account information.

Now, independent contractors driving for a motor carrier get access to the benefits of a fully integrated platform. This new offering takes TNTruck’s capabilities to the next level, allowing motor carriers to truly manage Independent Contractors’ experience — from initial contact through onboarding, TrueNorth officials said.

“[This platform] was able to provide tremendous relief for our IC onboarding team and ensure we were compliant during the enrollment and ongoing management of J.B. Hunt’s various IC insurance and noninsurance programs,” said Eric McConnell, vice president of risk management at J.B. Hunt.

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