Nada Jiddou, Road Ready GM and EVP of its parent firm Clarience Technologies, said the...

Nada Jiddou, Road Ready GM and EVP of its parent firm Clarience Technologies, said the company developed LogIQ to streamline the delivery of data and make it easier for fleets to obtain insight that improves their operating efficiency.

Photo: Vesna Brajkovic

Road Ready, a provider of advanced telematics and smart fleet technology, rolled out its new integrated data platform, LogIQ, at a press briefing on Sept. 14 at the Technology & Maintenance Fall Meeting in Cleveland. The new LogIQ platform integrates data from a broad network of industry partners with its own trailer telematics system, making it easier for fleets to obtain insights from data generated by trailers and other fleet equipment, the company stated.

“Carriers cannot easily analyze data trends when they receive data through multiple feeds and portals,” said Nada Jiddou, Road Ready general manager and executive vice president of its parent firm, Clarience Technologies. “We developed LogIQ to streamline delivery of data and make it easier for fleets to obtain actionable insights that improve their operating efficiency.”

Road Ready said the LogIQ platform gives users complete access through its FleetViz fleet management portal, a single interface that provides detailed data from at-a-glance widgets. The dashboard gives a closer look at which assets have active alerts and need attention. With dynamic reports and insights, fleet managers can then analyze data to reduce costs, optimize fleet assets. and increase supply chain visibility.

“The strength of the LogIQ integrated data platform comes from its premier partners, all of which are leading brands serving commercial transportation,” Road Ready stated. “LogIQ’s trailblazing technology, unlike anything in trailer telematics today, acts as a universal language decoder, enabling data generated by smart trailer components from LogIQ partners to talk to one another. This enhanced trailer connectivity facilitates the aggregation of third-party data feeds, driving smart decision-making.

Partner integrations

LogIQ partners offer these integrations with Road Ready:

  • Right Weigh, Inc. “Right Weigh’s onboard load scale for air and spring suspension trailers measures on-the-ground axle group weight, saving fleets money on commercial scale fees, out-of-route mileage and overweight fines.”
  • P.S.I. “P.S.I.’s automatic tire inflation system (ATIS) and its TireVew tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS), which provides tire pressure and temperature in real time, and its suite of optional sensors provide other critical vehicle health data, such as wheel bearing temperatures and air tank pressures.”
  • Hendrickson. “Hendrickson Watchman tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) and wheel-end health sensors help fleet operations maximize uptime by giving real-time visibility to potential wheel end and tire issues so that they can be resolved early and efficiently.”
  • Continental. “Continental ContiConnect sensors monitor tire inflation and temperature enabling fleets to identify potential issues and schedule preventative maintenance, avoiding unexpected downtime.”
  • ConMet Digital. “ConMet Digital Preset Plus SmartHub is the first connected health monitoring system integrated into hub assembly, generating actionable intelligence to optimize wheel-end health.”
  • SKF. “SKF Wheel End Monitor communicates wheel end temperature and bearing conditions and alerts fleets of potential bearing failures before they occur.”
  • SAF Holland. “SAF Tire Pilot Plus with Real Time Sensing gives customers the ability to monitor trailer tire pressures while on the road or when uncoupled and sitting idle.”
  • Stemco. “TracBat Hubodometer helps fleets schedule maintenance, determine lease charges, validate guarantees, and calculate costs per mile and can be programmed by the Stemco Programmer to meet the customer’s specific tire revolutions requirements.”
  • Hyundai Translead. “ Road Ready welcomes its newest LogIQ partner, Hyundai Translead, who now offers HT LinkSense to empower end-to-end trailer operation visibility and maximize fleet operational efficiency. Supported sensors include cargo volume, weight, door, air disc brake pad wear, smart brake chamber, light out detection, wheel end temperature and tire pressure monitoring.” 

“Developing the right technologies for customers starts by anticipating what they need tomorrow,” noted Jiddou.  “As the pace of change in technology accelerates, we cannot simply follow—we need to lead.”