EKA Automates Workflows in Supply Chain TMS

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EKA Solutions has added what it calls “touchless trading and execution between trusted partners that use the EKA Supply Chain TMS” for carriers, brokers and shippers.

EKA Omni-TMS is a native cloud-based transportation management system. With this latest advancement, carriers, brokers and shippers can use the Omni-TMS to integrate and automate all trading and execution life-cycle workflow processes between them, from load tendering to booking to load tracking to invoicing and settlement, according to EKA President Mark Walker in a news release.

The move automates a number of workflow processes, including load tendering and negotiation, carrier equipment availability, load movement visibility, document transfer, and carrier invoicing and settlement.

Data transfer and communication, instead of relying on manual, EDI or API processed, can move direct system to system.

"EKA's touchless solution enables supply chain participants – carrier, broker or shipper - using the EKA supply chain Omni-TMS to benefit from the highest level of real-time automation when trading and executing loads with their trusted freight partners," said JJ Singh, founder and CEO for EKA, in a news release. "As a result, each trading partner benefits from the lowest cost of handling a load, superior customer service, and sustainable revenue, profitability and business growth."

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