TMC’s new mobile app, based on the council’s technician skills competition, allows players to...

TMC’s new mobile app, based on the council’s technician skills competition, allows players to diagnose and repair virtual trucks.

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The American Trucking Associations’ Technology & Maintenance Council released an augmented reality game mobile app aimed at attracting, fostering and welcoming a new generation of technicians to the industry.

Based on TMC’s National Technician Skills Competition, the free app — called TMCSuperTech: The Game — is geared to middle- and high-school students and is available on Apple and Andriod smart devices.

In the app, players learn to diagnose and repair tractor-trailers through a series of three mini-games focused on tire/wheel, brake and engine repair. Gamers can progress through 15 levels of game play starting as a student technician and ultimately becoming the owner of their own repair shop. Gamers are rewarded by being “paid” within the app, with which they can purchase special paint jobs for their fleet of trucks and other performance improvements.

Links within the game direct students to TMC and its outreach partner the TechForce Foundation where they can learn about career and scholarship opportunities for becoming a commercial vehicle technician.

“Gamification is a compelling new way to reach people, especially a younger audience, through smartphones and tablets,” said TMC Executive Director Robert Braswell in a press release. “We are very excited to employ this new technology to reach students who may be otherwise unaware of the opportunities they have as a commercial vehicle technician.”

Be Pro Be Proud will offer students access to the TMCSuperTech mobile game during their Spring 2021 tour stops.

“The time is ripe for new methods of attracting next generation technician workforce to our industry,” said ATA President and Chief Executive Officer Chris Spear. “Having a mobile, smart-device based game is an excellent means of supporting outreach campaigns focused on generating interest in the trucking and transportation industry among school-aged children.”

The app underwent a test launch in Arkansas through the state’s Department of Commerce Office of Skills Development.

Travel Centers of America, OSD, Cummins, Dana, Worldwide Equipment Volvo Trucks Academy and Peterson Manufacturing have all sponsored the app.

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