In addition to reducing dwell times, Capstone Logistics said its new Direct Bill program can...

In addition to reducing dwell times, Capstone Logistics said its new Direct Bill program can simplify a host of payment concerns for drivers.

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Capstone Logistics has streamlined the unloading payment process with a Direct Bill program that reduces driver dwell time at their partners' distribution centers by an average of 30 minutes. It also enables contactless payments at these facilities for improved driver safety during the COVID-19 pandemic, according to the company.

Typically, the company said, a truck driver is notified of unloading fees upon check-in at a warehouse and is responsible for paying the amount by cash or Comchek. Issuing and processing payment happens upon completion of the unload, where significant dwell time can occur.

With Direct Bill, Capstone's contracted carriers can bypass payment altogether at select Capstone-supported sites. According to Capstone Logistics, the benefits for carriers include:

  • Reduction in dwell time and detention
  • Eliminates risk of not getting reimbursed
  • Less hassle dealing with receipts
  • Safe, contactless payment during the COVID-19 pandemic

Capstone said the benefits for shippers include:

  • Faster unloading leads to shipper of choice status and carrier retention
  • Streamlined payments that reduce wasted time and resources
  • Less risk of fraudulent receipts or billing disputes

Capstone partners that have implemented Direct Bill have seen notable results, the company claimed. For example, it said, one multinational food manufacturer reduced their average unload time by 21%.

“Capstone touches nearly 7 million loads annually. This means that we have the unique ability to partner with our high-volume vendors to drastically reduce dwell times for carriers," said Chris Ricciardi, president of Freight Management at Capstone. "A better experience for drivers through Direct Bill not only improves their quality of life and ability to generate revenue, it helps us drive carrier retention and reduce supply chain waste."

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