-  Image: TruckX

Image: TruckX

TruckX Inc. recently unveiled its Wired ELD setup with no need for a Bluetooth connection since it is directly hardwired inside the cab with a single wire and four screws for mounting.

The setup includes a rugged tablet that can withstand high temperatures inside the parking lot and day-to-day use, according to the company. The docking station keeps the tablet charged all the times and can be installed on the dash. It also comes with dual-network SIM card and locked-down cloud-managed experience.

“As larger trucking companies adopt Bluetooth technology, there is more and more reliance on the drivers,” said Tapan Chaudhari, president of TruckX. “This introduced additional stress on the drivers. So, we decided to add wired ELD which does not rely on Bluetooth.”

Wired ELD is FMCSA-approved and also includes features such as GPS tracking, internet service, International Fuel Tax Agreement calculations, 24/7 customer service, and diagnostics.