-  Image: C.H. Robinson

Image: C.H. Robinson

C.H. Robinson recently added new tech enhancements to its self-shipping tool Freightquote to further automate and simplify the shipping process for small business owners.

Freightquote offers a single online portal that give customers access to numerous shipping options — everything from a single package to a full truckload. These additional shipping options provide flexibility for small e-commerce businesses to fulfill growing online orders.

The self-service shipping tool automatically provides new enhancements like terminal pick-up and drop-off to reduce costs; an interactive map that helps avoid additional charges; and an option to hire a “Tasker” through an innovative, first-of-its-kind partnership with TaskRabbit.

Taskers are independent contractors that offer their services via the TaskRabbit platform to assist small business customers in ensuring that shipments are ready for pick-up. By ensuring that their shipments are packaged correctly for transportation, small business owners avoid the risk of losing time and money from damaged goods or a rejected pick-up that was not properly prepared.

C.H. Robinson has also added the following features to support small business customers:

  • Compare small parcel and LTL rates side by side
  • Access new, cost-effective options for shipping packages under 150 pounds
  • Leverage temperature-control truckload options and get instant quotes for shipping fresh produce, flowers, and other goods sensitive to climate conditions
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