Georgia is changing its Interstate exit numbering system to reflect the number of miles rather than the number of exits.

The state is renumbering its 5,760 interstate exits so they reflect how many miles the exit is from the state line or from the Georgia city where the interstate starts, conforming to the system used in most other states.
For instance, Exit 30 on I-16 near Savannah will become Exit 148. Exit 18 on I-75 in Tifton will change to Exit 62.
Along with the renumbering, Georgia is also replacing signs with ones that will be easier to see and will cause less damage when hit by a vehicle. Nearly all the signs on I-75 have already been replaced, but the new numbers are being covered for now with the old exit numbers. The new numberings system will be unveiled in January. Motorists will be alerted to the changes through the state's electronic billboard system.
Work will begin in January on changing the signs on the other interstates. The work should be finished by June 30.