Tech Companies Help Truckers Find Places to Rest

Photo: Jim Park

With the COVID-19 outbreak restricting the places truck drivers can go for a meal or a break, three companies have added alerts to their tech solutions to give drivers a heads up to open rest areas and/or truck stops.

Verizon Connect is regularly updating Navigation, its mobile app that provides information on open truck stops and hours of operation to help avoid closed rest stops. The app also includes the ability to track a driver’s locations during the day, which can be used to replay where drivers have been and who they have encountered in case a staff becomes positive for COVID-19.

Trimble Transportation’s free COVID-19 Safe Haven web app offers up-to-date information on truck stop status and amenity information, as well as the ability to find Walmart locations with overnight parking, view live traffic and weather conditions, and a social aspect that allows drivers to help their peers by passing on information on rest closures.

Drivewyze is providing free alerts on the status of Florida’s 65 rest areas and welcome centers, in addition to Pennsylvania rest area alerts, which became available in late March. The alerts are available and free to carriers subscribed to the Drivewyze PreClear weigh station bypass service. The rest area notifications will be displayed for the duration of COVID-19 emergency.

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