-  Photo: J.W. Speaker

Photo: J.W. Speaker

J.W. Speaker now offers the Model 234 Flash LED taillights for transport, industrial, construction, agriculture and specialty vehicles. Marketed as drop-in replacements for 4-inch round LED lights, they are now available in blue and green, with three programmable strobe patterns, and SmartHeat.

The Model 234 Flash taillights provide two, four, and six strobe patterns, which can be activated with simultaneous or alternating flash patterns, with a dual-function strobe. The Model 234 also includes SmartHeat technology, which helps to de-ice lenses.

“As lighting technologies have advanced, it was important to continue refining our existing lighting to ensure that all vehicles have access to the latest and most effective lighting technologies, regardless of the vehicle they are driving,” said Tim Speaker, CEO at J.W. Speaker.  

Other features include:

  • Capable of withstanding 10g worth of vibration
  • Drop-in replacements for typical four-inch, round halogen taillights used in heavy-duty trucks
  • Sealed to IP69K specifications for power wash and steam cleaning resistance
  • Condensation management