Doleco’s DoRa Ratcheting Load Binder Eases Retensioning

Photo: Doleco USA

Doleco USA has introduced the DoRa Ratcheting Load Binder, which gives users improved  tensioning capabilities when securing cargo with steel chains, according to the company.

Shorter than a standard load binder, the DoRa fits into tighter spaces, but expands to enable an increased reach for technicians.

“With double the tensioning length, our patented DoRa Ratcheting Load Binder virtually eliminates the time and effort needed to disengage cargo securement chains for retensioning,” said Ralph Abato, president and managing director of Doleco USA.

The key to the DoRa Ratcheting Load Binder’s compact size and remarkable tensioning length is its patented spindle-in-a-spindle ratchet configuration, which allows the ratchet housing to be significantly shorter, by enabling one threaded spindle to retract by screwing inside the other. When extended, the DoRa’s longer spindle length gives users increased tensioning distance and allows them to start out with a tighter chain and to perform multiple retensionings without the need to disengage the binder’s clevis hooks from its chains.