The latest generation of EVIR comes with all the features of the original EVIR, but in a...

The latest generation of EVIR comes with all the features of the original EVIR, but in a mobile-friendly app with additional features and functionality.

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Zonar has announced the release of its next generation of electronic verified inspection reporting (EVIR) software. Available currently in the Google Play Store and later this year in the Apple Store, the EVIR program includes all the features of the original EVIR in a mobile-friendly app with new features.

Drivers and operators can now conduct inspections with or without tags. While using RFID or NFC tags enables inspections to be verified, not all fleets find tags necessary, the company noted. By enabling tagless EVIR inspections, fleets can ensure inspections are completed accurately, with the results digitally stored without the need for extra hardware. EVIR also provides users with the intuitive and patented Asset Map View, showing aerial views of customers' vehicles and equipment with guides for tag placement, as well as training videos and links within the application.

“Today, drivers, managers and operators need more options to protect and maintain both owned, intermodal and rented vehicles and equipment,” said Fred Fakkema, vice president of safety and compliance at Zonar.

Compliant with all DOT, OSHA, MSHA and PTASP inspection requirements, EVIR eliminates the need for paper-based reporting, helping drivers perform accurate inspections that are automatically collected, stored and easily integrated into maintenance software. Fleets are now able to conduct more efficient inspection audits with fewer penalties due to lost records. Accurate inspections also help increase uptime by ensuring vehicle and asset issues are identified and addressed before they become potentially critical ones.

Inspection history and data collected by EVIR can be easily accessed through Ground Traffic Control, Zonar's web-based platform, which provides fleets a real-time look at operations, along with reports and alerts, and the ability to manage a single asset or an entire fleet. With customized dashboards for a broad range of users, anyone using GTC can make informed, data-based decisions that help improve operations across an organization.

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