Schneider has introduced a new app for called Compass that allows company drivers to view work assignments, scorecards, pay statements and general company information.

The Compass app is designed to be used on tablets and other mobile devices and provides access to features including:

  • Work Assignments: View and manage personalized data regarding important delivery assignment information, and find assigned or empty trailers in the area.
  • Pay and Settlement Statements: Work history, paychecks and settlement statements are visible for review with a few simple clicks.
  • Key Contacts: Quickly and easily contact driver business leaders and support teams to get the answers needed.
  • Rate My Location: Review customer locations and help make for smoother delivery experiences.
  • News: Stay up-to-date with fast-breaking news, industry trends and company news.

Compass also features tools such as Track My Relay, instructional videos, e-books, and copies of company policies and guidelines for reference. Schneider said that it will add new features and tools based on suggestions and feedback from drivers.

To promote safety, the Compass app is automatically disabled while driving, regardless of device. Compass is accessible on all company-issued devices and computers as well as on personal devices.

“Compass is the latest technology offering from Schneider for drivers, providing easier access to the information they need to do their job safely and effectively,” said Shaleen Devgun, executive vice president and chief information officer at Schneider. “The app gives drivers more and better tools, allowing them to maximize each minute on the job and enhance their everyday work experience.”