Ioxus has added a uStart energy storage solution for Class 7 and Class 8 day cab trucks and tractors with up to 12L engines.

UStart is a smart power solution designed to improve starting reliability and extend battery and starter life. Installed by the OEM or as a retrofit, as a drop-in Group 31 battery replacement, uStart provides a higher level of starting power not available in typical batteries, particularly in tough duty cycles or cold weather, according to Ioxus.

The system reduces the number of batteries a truck would require throughout its service life. In addition, uStart systems reduce stress on starters and provide jumpstart capabilities.

UStart smart power systems are based on ultracapacitors, which are used as energy storage building blocks. The systems use smart power electronics to intelligently monitor, manage and control power on a vehicle’s electrical bus, minimizing cycling on the remaining batteries. uStart also has jump start capabilities, which eliminates costly and time-consuming roadside service calls for engine starting issues.

“With a solid foundation in ultracapacitor design and manufacturing, Ioxus has developed patented power management systems that are deployed across several applications where reliable, on-demand power is needed”, said Mark McGough, president and CEO at Ioxus. “UStart smart power systems are already widely used in Class 6 models in package and other delivery truck markets. After extensive field testing, we are proud to announce that uStart is proven to provide those same benefits to operators of Class 7 and 8 day cabs.”