Truck-Lite has added the Roadmax headlight system to its line of custom LED headlight products. The custom LED headlight system for the medium-duty market is now available as a factory-installed option on new Freightliner M2 models 106 and 112, the Thomas Built C2 bus, as well as for retrofit on previous generations. 

Truck-Lite developed the technology that was used for custom headlights in Class 8 trucks and adapted it for short-haul applications.

Truck-Lite's LED headlights offer improved driver visibility by using an advanced beam pattern and producing a color temperature identical to that of sunlight, leading to enhanced object recognition at night and increased visibility by day. In addition to reducing eyestrain for drivers, Truck-Lite's LED beam pattern increases reach while reducing potential glare to oncoming traffic. Truck-Lite's Diamond Shell 2.0 lens coating prevents hazing, and crazing that plague typical headlight lenses. 

The Roadmax system is rated for 30,000 hours compared to a typical halogen system's rating of 1,000 hours. Light output of a halogen bulb can decrease by as much as 25% in the first 100 hours of use while RoadmaxLED headlights may experience only a 7% drop in output over 25,000 hours. Finally, the Roadmax system exerts far less draw on a vehicle's electrical system, freeing up power for other energy-hungry devices.