US Liner Company is offering BXR Translucent Roof panels, a new, composite panel that can be used to create a translucent roof option on dry van trailers.

In addition to being translucent, BXR Series T-Roof panels are designed for durability and performance, according to US Liner.

“Earlier translucent roof materials could not hold up to the rigors of the trucking industry,” said LaRocco. “They were fragile, prone to puncture and tear from low-hanging trees and other objects. More importantly, over time, UV rays caused the thermoset materials to become brittle.”

US Liner focused on durability by engineering the BXR Series T-Roof Panels with a five-layer construction using Versitex and Bulitex materials. The panels are reinforced with continuous woven and non-woven glass fibers.

Key performance attributes include:

  • Over five-times the tear resistance of the best fiberglass roofs.
  • Super-bright, white surface deflects radiant heat to maintain a cooler interior.
  • Excellent UV protection that deters cracking and crazing from sun and weather.
  • Water-resistant, five-layer construction can resist rot, corrosion, and mildew.
  • Easy installation to standard roof bows using traditional adhesives.

“BXR T-Roof permits us to provide a translucent roof product that can withstand the rigors of loading and unloading,” said Jeff Meek, US Liner vice president, sales and marketing. “BXR provides a high level of light transmittance while reducing radiant heat absorption, commonly found with first-generation translucent materials.”