East Manufacturing has introduced its new Lightweight Tipper Trailer, designed for increased payload and durability in refuse hauling operations.

East has re-engineered the Tipper trailer to increase payload by removing 1,200 pounds of excess weight. The company removed excess weight in the fifth wheel plate area, from the suspension subframe and from the sides of the trailer body. The company also substituted an aluminum bumper assembly to replace the original one made of steel.

The Lightweight Tipper Trailer maintains a double-wall construction on its aerodynamic East Genesis smooth-sided design with an advanced system of floor-to-wall attachment. It is designed to be easier to clean and not show pings and dings on the outside like traditional external post walls, according to East. The outboard Genesis design is also able to provide more capacity than traditional external post trailers, according to East.

Genesis Aerodynamic design has 2-inch thick, double-wall extruded aluminum panels, that are lighter than competitive walls and provide eight times more wall support than external posts positioned every 25 inches, according to East. The double-wall panels are robotically welded vertically inside and out for increased strength. The design resists bowing, reduces corrosion from road salt, and can reduce maintenance and repair costs.

The Lightweight Tipper Trailer’s wall-to-floor construction is designed to secure a critical point for trailer strength – the welded union of cross members, floor plates, and sidewalls. To ensure a strong floor-to-wall attachment joint, cross members and floor plates interlock into the bottom rub rail, forming a poket to accept the sidewall panels.

“East continues to strive to be the industry leader in innovation,” said Dave de Poincy, president of East. “Supplying our customers with this new Lightweight Tipper Trailer helps fulfill our mission to provide optimum payload to our customers.”