Hubb has introduced a new 8-inch spin-on oil filter designed for use on Class 2 through 6 light- and medium-duty diesel engines.

Because diesel engines produce more soot and combustion byproducts, they require an oil filter that is larger with a higher holding capacity, according to Hubb. The 8-inch filter features the same filter-in-filter design as their 3-inch filter and is made with surgical stainless steel weave filtering media and two pressure differential values for more efficient oil flow, contaminant capture, and more safety.

“Our 8-inch oil filter is so effective at keeping your oil clean, you can safely double the life of your oil,” said Scott Killips, Hubb CEO. “The increased oil flow offers a compelling ROI for light- and medium-duty diesels.”

Hubb’s 8-inch reusable and cleanable filter does not need to be disposed of after use and is backed with a 100,000-mile performance guarantee, making it a more environmentally friendly option.

“This filter has been designed to flow better while making your oil pump run easier and reduce engine noise. In fact, you will be able to hear the difference at idle,” said Christopher Hubbard, company founder and chief scientist.