Rotary Lift has expanded its Mach Flex powered by RedFire remote-controlled mobile column lift lineup, adding the MCHF13 Flex.

The new smaller Mach Flex lift provides 13,000 pounds of capacity per column, designed for lifting medium- and heavy-duty vehicles. Technicians control the mobile column lift with Rotary’s remote control, allowing them to walk around the vehicle and the bay to check for any issues while lifting.

The Flex lineup also includes the MCH19 Flex that provides 18,800 pounds of capacity per column. Both systems are available in configurations of two, four, six, or eight columns.

The Mach Flex lifting system is designed to be easy to set up quickly. The remote control guides the technician step by step, so there’s no need to stay at each column to sync it before moving to the next.

“Rotary Lift’s new Mach Flex powered by RedFire line of mobile column lifts sets a new standard in operation, performance and appearance,” says Doug Spiller, Rotary Lift heavy-duty product manager. “Customers really like its standard black paint and bold graphics package — it’s a good fit for our many customers who are turning their repair operations into premier showrooms of service. And now we’ve expanded the line with the new 13,000-pound capacity MCHF13 to give our customers more flexibility and versatility with a lower capacity lift.”