AutoSock AS, the provider of an alternative traction device for commercial vehicles, has expanded its AutoSock product line to include several wide base single tires.

AutoSock is an alternative to chains when traction devices are required and can be used in states that have no specific device exclusions when chain requirements are in effect. The AutoSock uses fibers and a specifically designed surface pattern to maximize the total contact area exposed to dry friction on snow and ice-covered roads.

Unlike tire chains, AutoSock is designed to not damage a vehicle’s fenders and exposed brake lines and it is fully compatible with ABS and traction control systems.  The AutoSock can be installed quickly and weighs less than five pounds per pair – far lighter than a comparable 50-pounds set of chains.

AutoSock models for wide base single tires include the following:

  • AL111— 445/50R22.5
  • AL111— 455/50R22.5
  • AL111— 395/80R20
  • AL114— 455/55R22.5