A trailer GPS tracking device that’s disguised as a tail lamp has been announced by Anytrek Corp. Designed to fit inside a standard LED stop/turn/tail light as used by 95% of all trailers, it delivers true ‘plug and drive’ capability, said Dr. Noin Zeng, chief technology officer.

“TrackLight is the result of significant study and analysis of the needs of the market and the current competition,” Zeng said. “By incorporating our GPS technology into a standard 4-inch (diameter) tail light, we have created a tracker that is simple to fit, requires minimal downtime for the asset’s owner, does not damage the trailer and is completely covert.”

He said the TrackLight offers these benefits:

  • Simple and quick to install. Remove and unplug the current tail light, connect TrackLight using the standard plug and fit into the tail light fitting.
  • Uses the 3G spectrum which provides better coverage and performance than others. Built-in intelligence will store and forward location reports should TrackLight encounter any cellular blackspots.
  • Minimal time off the road as a typical installation takes less than 5 minutes.
  • Uses Anytrek’s web portal and smartphone apps to monitor its location in real time.
  • Built-in Li battery will provide up to 3 months continuous reporting if unpowered.
  • Easy installation. No need to drill or cut holes into the trailer walls or splice into power leads.
  • Looks and functions just like a normal LED tail light. Cannot be detected and therefore cannot be tampered with.