The Idle Free Complete Electric APU Solution increases overall fuel economy at substantial cost savings, gives fleet managers a way to reduce their environmental impact, and eliminates extra engine wear and tear associated with discretionary idling, according to the company. 

According to International Council on Clean Transportation, the industry average fuel consumption for an idling Class 8 tractor ranges from 0.6 gallons to 1.1 gallons an hour. Auxiliary power units enable truck fleets to substantially reduce fuel costs while still powering the amenities and tools drivers and crews need to perform their jobs most productively.

Idle Free Systems APUs are CARB compliant and EPA-SmartWay verified. They provide air conditioning and heat; 120-volt electricity for televisions, computers, and other hotel needs; and keep the truck engine warm when the engine is off.  Additionally, every system comes with Shorepower as a standard feature to provide unlimited run-time and making the system eligible for any Federal or State rebates.

Unique to the Idle Free electric APU is its ability to be powered three ways: 

  • An independent battery bank consisting of four AGM batteries captures energy produced by the engine's alternator and stores it and, when the truck’s engine is off, converts the stored energy into 120-volt electricity using a pure sine wave inverter;
  • Shorepower, which is standard on every Idle Free system, allows drivers unlimited run-time when plugged into all-weather electrical outlets being deployed across North America; and
  • Reefer Link, Idle Free’s proprietary, patented technology run by the reefer. When connected to the reefer, the driver will have unlimited run-time on the Idle Free APU. Idle Free is the only APU on the market that can be powered by the reefer.   

Additionally, Idle Free APUs use a coolant heater as a fully integrated component of the system providing heat for both the cab / bunk as well as the engine block.

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