Gabriel Ride Control says SAF-Holland will include Gabriel’s heavy-duty FleetLine and GasSLX shock absorbers in its Gold Line Quality Parts offerings.

Gold Line products are of high quality and held at or above industry standards for cost-sensitive North American vehicles in their second lives, said Carl Mesker, vice president of SAF-Holland’s Aftermarket Business Unit. The Gabriel shocks will expand that product line.

FleetLine shocks are designed as a direct replacement for commercial OE shocks, and are built to meet or exceed OE specifications and quality standards, the Gabriel announcement said. Their valving rates compensate for initial truck suspension softening to maintain top performance, and include a pre-loaded piston ring that compensates for wear.

Gabriel’s GasSLX is a premium adjustable gas shock that delivers customizable comfort and control in a high-performance, durable product, Gabriel said. GasSLX’s gas cell design creates a physical barrier between gas and the high-temperature fluid so it adapts to diverse road conditions and payloads without fade or reduced damping.

The recently updated FleetLine and GasSLX products feature an improved anti-corrosion coating and a drastically improved misting reduction seal, thereby reducing maintenance downtime and extending service life. 

The Gold Line Quality Parts brand offers landing gear accessories, brake chambers, tapered wheel bearings, kingpin lock, air springs and grease, as well as the entire Gabriel shock and TSE brake chamber lines. Within the next year, Gold Line will expand brake and wheel-end offerings.


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